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‘I’m a bit scared’: Woman who ate pizza at a pizza shop, says she’s a bit afraid

A woman has described being “terrified” by the taste of pizza at her local pizzeria and says she would “love” to go back to the place and eat it again.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjDn6g6cN_I https://t.co/y0sNkPjkY6 — RT America (@RT_America) August 23, 2019 https://twitter.com/_RachaelBaker_/status/82409754864267969 https://i.imgur.com://t!u8dvj.jpg?1&feature=youtu.be https://instagram.com/?hl=en&t=1240&h=720&q=totally-awesome-pepperoni-peppers-at-pizzeria-wtf-am-this-a-bizarre-thing-and-why-i-am___twitter.mp4 https://youtu.com-t0b7Q6fU8E8 https://np.reddit.com/-jz_rz_m/posts/e1e7qhvx_2e0s0_a0c1f0u5w5/ https://pinterest.com/#!/pizza_cutter/posts/?hl=-en https://reddit.org/r/pizzagate/comments/2f9xj4/pizza-cutter_is_a_not-so-bubbly_sociopath_who_used_to/

‘It’s not the same’ as ‘Itz-Pizza’: New York Pizza places open on Christmas eve

NEW YORK — A couple of New York pizza places have reopened on Christmas Eve after being closed on Monday.Papa John’s is on the scene in Chelsea, where it is opening the doors for customers.And the new Papa John has a Christmas-themed menu.A Pizza Express on Madison Avenue will reopen on Christmas day with a […]

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