How to save a restaurant from bankruptcy by getting rid of its servers

You’re in the restaurant business.You’ve made a good living, and you’ve managed to save some money.But the days of having all of your staff at the kitchen are over.Restaurants are becoming more and more efficient at getting all of their employees to the restaurant, but they’re still often operating at a loss.In fact, there are […]

How to save on pizza flyers

By Emily E. JohnsonUSA TODAY Staff • June 26, 2019 06:18:45A growing number of companies are offering free flyers that are designed to be used to deliver coupons to consumers.But you can still buy the flyers, which cost about $2.99, at participating restaurants or online.“There’s a big difference between flyers that you can print, and […]

How to make pizza dough recipe for your pizza

In this article, we’ll tell you how to make your own pizza dough.Read more: If you’re wondering what the French call pizza dough, it’s a kind of dough that has a mixture of flour, sugar and salt.It’s usually made with a combination of eggs and water.This is the dough you’ll want to use to […]

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