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Why the Brooklyn Pizza Guys have gone from humble pizza maker to a global superstar

The Brooklyn Pizza Girls are not your average pizza chain.Their brand is one of the most popular in the country, but they’re also one of America’s most notorious pizza-lovers.Back in the day, when they were just a local pizza shop in Brooklyn, they were called “the most notorious brothel in America.”As time went on, the […]

How to save on pizza flyers

By Emily E. JohnsonUSA TODAY Staff • June 26, 2019 06:18:45A growing number of companies are offering free flyers that are designed to be used to deliver coupons to consumers.But you can still buy the flyers, which cost about $2.99, at participating restaurants or online.“There’s a big difference between flyers that you can print, and […]

Chicago style pizza gets new name as new pizza brand arrives in city

Chicago’s newest pizza chain, Bill’s Pizza, is launching in Chicago on Wednesday.It will serve pizzas in three different styles: a classic, a signature Chicago style, and a Chicago style with signature toppings.Bill’s Pizza CEO Jim Lippe said the company has decided to change its name to Bill’s Style Pizza, after the company’s founder, Bill Bill, […]

‘Pizza Guys’ to host first-ever event of its kind at Cauliflower Pizza Company

The first ever pizza event at CCA’s newest Pizza Guys location in Los Angeles will be held this weekend, according to the restaurant chain.The Pizza Guys will be hosting a “Cauliflower Pizzeria with Pizza Guys” on Saturday, July 25th, to celebrate the birthday of its founders, John Caulfield and Mike Stone.Stone will be bringing his […]

How to make deep dish pizza rolls: How to put together deep dish pizzas with onion, tomato, garlic and olive oil

This is an extract from the ABC’s series, ‘Pizza for Two’.You can watch the full series here.If you have a recipe for deep dish or deep dish rolls, please send it to [email protected] not, you can tweet us your recipe by using the hashtag #PizzaForTwo.You can also read our full guide to deep dish, deep […]

What is a pizza hut?

Pizza hut is a restaurant serving up cheap pizza, mostly made by hand, at the front of a pizzeria.Pizza hut can be anywhere in the world, but it usually happens in the Philippines, where the main industry is making and selling the pizza, according to Al Jazeera’s Mark Tait.It is an industry dominated by Filipinos, […]

Saints’ Alvin Kamara will miss 1-3 weeks with injury

SANTA CLARA, Calif.— Alvin Kamala will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL, according to Saints coach Sean Payton.Coach Payton spoke to reporters after the team’s morning practice Tuesday.He said Kamala is in a “critical situation” and is in the hospital.The team said the injury is a torn anterior cruciate ligament and […]


Antonio Pizzota’s pizza is a classic in its own right, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a little bit weird.Pizza delivery man Antonio Pizzotas is the first man to ever receive an official certificate from Guinness World Records as a world pizza champion, and the first to be crowned a “super” pizza.But it took […]

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