5-star pizza: ‘A classic and a great one’

There are many great pizza parlors around the country.

But a few of them are known for their quality.

Fox News’ 5-Star Pizza has been rated the best pizza in the world, and that was the case at its namesake location in Mesa, Arizona.

Five-star is the official designation of a pizza restaurant.

But what is five-star?

It refers to the number of stars that a restaurant has on its logo, like a star on a starboard yacht.

The 5-Stars Pizza location in the Phoenix area is known as the “Rosati’s Pizza.”

It opened in 2010, and its pizza has been consistently rated by the New York Times, USA Today, The New York Post, Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times.

“We are a family owned business that takes pride in our customers’ enjoyment of our pizza,” said co-owner and restaurant manager Chris Rosati.

“It is what we are known as, and we strive to deliver the best that we can with a friendly, friendly atmosphere.”

The pizza is topped with toppings such as mozzarella, fresh mozzoline, pepperoni, basil, mozzerella, and oregano.

The pizza comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including a medium and a large.

The menu is also packed with options, from appetizers to desserts.

The pizzas are made with fresh mozza mozzola, the freshest and most flavorful Italian cheese.

The restaurant is located in the historic Mesa Shopping Center, which is home to Rosati’s Italian Market.

The location opened in 2006, and it now has four locations across the state.

The store is known for its unique menu and extensive wine selection.

Rosati said the pizzas come with a choice of three sauces: garlic sauce, mozza sauce, or olive oil.

The prices range from $6.99 to $12.99.

The Rosati Family’s Pizza has served its customers for more than 25 years.

They have made their reputation in the local pizza scene, and have also been recognized by the Michelin Guide.

The owners said that the success of Five-Star has given them a lot of motivation to expand the business to new locations.

“There’s no question that Five-Stars is the best pizzeria in the country,” Rosati told Fox News.

“You go to any pizza place and you’ll see that it’s the best place to get pizza in Phoenix.”

Five-stars Pizza has about 80 employees and is a family-owned business, so they are always looking for new customers.

The business has a reputation for delivering the fresest and best Italian cheese, which has been voted the best cheese in America by the Washington Post.

Rosatti said that they have also had good success with their customers, and continue to see good results.

“I’ve had some very positive reviews about the food, the service, and customer service,” he said.

“The reviews are positive, and I feel like the pizza is a favorite among the customer.

People have been coming in and saying, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever had a pizza that tastes as good as this.'”

Rosati also has two other pizza locations in Arizona, including one in Tempe.

Five stars Pizza also offers other types of food, including soups, sandwiches, salads, and more.

Rosato said that all of his customers are satisfied.

“Most people don’t go to our other stores,” he told Fox.

“They come to us because they are hungry and want a fresh, great pizza.

People want to go somewhere that is fresh and delicious, and this is the place to go.”

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