What you need to know about the future of the Serie A giants

For the first time, the Italian Football Association (FIGC) has released a new player profile for the future.

It is based on data from the last five seasons and the figures show that there are only two Italian football clubs currently in Serie A. It will be interesting to see how the FIGC plans to proceed in the years to come. 

The Milanese outfit, in third place in the table, have not had a player for five years, but there are signs that the team is in the process of finding the right replacement for Marco Materazzi, who is set to leave in the summer. 

Materazzo is a well-regarded defender, but it will be a big challenge to keep him at the club if his contract expires. 

In addition to the Milanese, there is also the possibility of the Cagliari side signing Mario Balotelli from AC Milan in the coming months. 

There are also the other big names of the season like Gianluigi Donnarumma and Mario Mandzukic, who are both on loan at other clubs. 

Milan, Roma, Lazio and Fiorentina are the clubs who will be paying the highest salaries, but the FIGCA have been adamant that they will not be forced to pay the players the wages they would have otherwise. 

These clubs have the luxury of not having to sell players to rivals and are free to make their own signings. 

According to the FIG, they have already paid the €1.2 billion that they have paid to other Serie A clubs to date. 

That figure will rise to €1 billion next season, and there is no reason why they cannot increase that further in the near future. 

At the moment, the FIG is looking at the future with the intention of increasing the amount of money that is paid to players and the salaries that are paid. 

They are still not able to do this, however, as the Serie B clubs are able to pay players less than €1 million a year. 

If the FIG wants to increase that, it is likely that it will have to raise its spending. 

“We want to give the best chance to all of our young players,” said the FIG. 

What the FIG says about the current squad

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