Which team has the best pizza nearby?

The New York Yankees are one of the best Pizza Nearby options in the country, according to a new study.

In the study, Pizza Near by fans ranked the Yankees as the No. 1 Pizza Near By option in the nation.

The study, which looked at 3,000 fans, ranked the team as the #1 option based on three factors: location, popularity and pizza delivery.

The Yankees are also ranked No. 2 on popularity.

With just over 500,000 Pizza Nearbys, the Yankees have the most Pizza NearBy options in New York.

While there are only about 12 million Pizza NearBYs in the United States, the number is growing rapidly.

At least 11,000 pizza delivery drivers are currently employed by Pizza Near.

The average pizza delivery driver makes about $16,000 a year, according the report.

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