How do you make the perfect little pizza?

A pizza with a sweet and creamy sauce and topped with a crunchy dough is the perfect recipe for the holidays.

But how does one make a great little pizza with so little?

Here are some of the steps to making your very own little pizza.

First of all, a little sauce can be a lifesaver if you’re not sure how to make it.

This is why we love to use the homemade sauce from the Easter Egg recipe in this recipe.

It’s just a small amount of sugar that gives the dough a nice golden colour and is so easy to use.

Next, you’ll need to prepare the dough.

We love to make this dough at home using the dough bag that comes with our dough.

Just wrap it in plastic and set it aside.

Next, you need to make the sauce.

We use a mix of white wine vinegar and a little lemon juice.

We also add a bit of soy sauce to give the sauce a sweet flavour.

Then, we add a little garlic powder and salt.

Finally, you can sprinkle a little sugar on top of the dough to give it a crunch.

This helps the dough stretch and give the dough an even baked crust.

To make it easier, you could also use a pastry bag.

We’ve even found that some of our dough is perfect for rolling.

But don’t forget to decorate it with a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper.

It makes it a little festive and makes for a tasty little snack.

We hope you enjoy making our little pizza, and we’d love to hear what you think of this little dish.

Have you made a little pizza before?

Share your recipe and why you made it with us in the comments section below.

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