Pizzagate, Pizzacor, PizzaGate: How it all started

The original PizzaGate conspiracy theory, first promoted by Alex Jones and later debunked by mainstream media, was a conspiracy to take over the pizza delivery business, which had previously been owned by the Pizza Hut chain.

The pizzeria chain has since been acquired by Domino’s Pizza, which owns a similar delivery business.

PizzaGate conspiracies have spread through social media and on Twitter, and have inspired numerous fake news stories.

The PizzaGate subreddit has been a popular destination for people to discuss the conspiracy theories.

But now, Pizzagate has come to life as a new subreddit called “PizzaGate” has sprung up, which has its own subreddit and a growing subreddit.

Pizzagate subreddit’s original name was PizzaGate in honor of the pizza chain that was rumored to be under investigation by the FBI.

The subreddit was created on July 1, 2017.

Reddit has recently been rocked by the election of Donald Trump as president, which saw many conspiracy theories spread on the platform.

One popular theory was that Clinton was behind the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s email servers, a claim the FBI has denied.

The pizza chain chain, along with its owner, have been criticized by the left for their ties to the Clinton campaign.

In September 2017, The Washington Post reported that PizzaGate’s subreddit was the main subreddit of PizzaGate, with about one-third of all subscribers, according to data compiled by Breitbart News.

On January 8, 2018, a PizzaGate user posted an image to the subreddit titled “My wife has cancer.

I am dying of cancer too.

Please help me!”

The poster was referring to the fact that his wife, a Clinton supporter, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2017.

A second Reddit user then posted a message to the PizzaGate thread: “Hey everyone, I got cancer.

Its pretty big and it doesnt feel good to see the doctor.

I have been praying to God that he would help me.

He isnt the only one.

I also have a friend with cancer who has asked to be given a pizza from us.

I know I shouldnt have to, but I cant.

Please spread the word that he isnt alone.”

After the post, a second Reddit poster wrote, “Ive got cancer too.”

The Pizzagate poster then wrote, “[I]ve been praying for him too.

I dont think hes dying.

Its just sad he cant have a pizza with us.

Please get him one and give it to him.

He wont have to worry about the money and the chemo or whatever he has to worry too much about.

Please keep him posted.”

PizzaGate poster then shared a message about his family’s experience with the disease, and the fact he had to travel to the United States to receive his cancer medication: “Its all so sad, I have to tell you.

Its a real shame.

I feel so helpless, even though its the most important thing in the world right now.

My wife has been going through chemotherapy for two weeks and she has been so miserable and Ive just been so tired.

She cant even walk to the bus stop without someone looking at her and whispering to her and asking how long it will take to get home.

She doesnt even want to go out anymore because of the chemopresence, so she cant go anywhere without someone telling her to take her shirt off, and that theresnt any other way to get back home.

Im so scared to tell her.

It feels like its all a lie.

Ive been so desperate and so scared of dying.

I think its all just a lie, but thats the reality.

Its all just the truth.”

The Reddit user also shared the following statement: “I have been suffering for two years from cancer and I dont have the strength to speak up about this.

The truth is, Ive had a lot of people telling me they dont know how to fight cancer, that theyve lost their jobs, theyve been forced to move and that Im scared.

Im scared of being alone with it, of feeling as if I cant do anything, of having to live with the fear that this disease is spreading and I cant even get around without someone watching me.

Its heartbreaking to know that you cant do any of this.

Its like I have no right to live.

The world has lost all its innocence, it has lost its humanity.

I can no longer have anyone watch over me, I can not live without them, and I have lost the strength that keeps me going.”

Another Reddit user responded to the poster by writing, “Papa’s Pizza is a great company, but it is a company that sells to the highest bidder.

If you are not the pizza maker, you cant afford to pay for their insurance, and you cant survive.

Theyre a good company, theyre a great pizza company, and they have some of the best people in the business.

Theres no one who can tell you how much they love you.

You are one of the

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