The 10 Best Pizza Popsicles in Seattle

The best pizza popsicles in the world are everywhere.

The best popsicles, though, are in Seattle.

That’s because of Zachary’s Pizzeria.

They’re a pizza chain that’s based in Seattle’s Westlake neighborhood.

That means there are lots of places in Seattle where you can get a pizza.

And while you can’t get a whole pizza in every single neighborhood, you can have the perfect popsicle for any occasion.

Here are our top 10 favorite pizzas in Seattle:1.

The New York Style Pizza from The New England Pizza Bar2.

The Big Red from New England Pizzas3.

The Pizza from Pizzaburger in Ballard4.

The Perfect Pizza from Sausage King in Pioneer Square5.

The Great Pizza from Pie Bar in Ballard6.

The Best Pizza from Tasty Burger in Ballard7.

The One from Pizza Corner in West Seattle8.

The Tasty Pizza from Bodega in Ballard9.

The King of Pizzers from Pizza House in Ballard10.

The Pie from The Big Orange in Ballard

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