How to Make a $10.99 Pizza at Home

New York City’s iconic pizza parlor is opening up its first shop in the U.S. in the heart of the city, offering pizza at a cost of $10 a pop.

The pizza place, dubbed Marias Pizza, opened Thursday, just hours after the company announced it was opening a second location in the Bronx in Brooklyn.

The New York Times reports that the two locations will be the company’s first in New York.

Marias has a loyal following of locals and customers from across the country, and has been open in New Jersey since 2013.

Its not the first time Marias’ pizza has made the headlines in the city.

In September, the company opened a store in the Brooklyn borough of Queens, just outside of Times Square, for a mere $3.25 a piece.

The Brooklyn location, which was previously the home of the famed Pizzeria La Palina, has since been sold.

The Times reports the Brooklyn location has been closed and will soon be closed.

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