The best pizzas in the GTA (and the GTA without them)

The best pizza in the Toronto area.

That’s what our Toronto-based pizza-loving readers have been saying all along.

The results of our latest survey of thousands of pizza lovers across the GTA shows the city’s best pizza restaurants are located in some of the citys most desirable neighbourhoods, with some of them even offering the freshest local and artisanal pizza.

Here’s the breakdown: The best: Kensington Market, Toronto – The Kensington market is the largest market in the city, offering a diverse selection of delicious pizza, salads, sandwiches, and pasta, with more than 300 stores, from small to large.

It is also the home to the renowned Italian restaurant, Casa Bolis, and has one of the countrys most famous pizzas.

It’s the home of the popular Bolis pizza, and the Pizza Bolis.

Located in a new building, the restaurant has been running since 2011, with a new chef joining the team.

It has won three consecutive Toronto restaurant of the year awards.

The Bolis is also home to some of Toronto’s best Italian pizza, as well as the legendary Pizzeria di Pizzorno.

The Pizza Bolas is also a favourite with locals and visitors.

The best (not all) pizza in Toronto is at the Kensington Mall, in the Kensham Market neighbourhood of Toronto.

It boasts a large selection of classic and new Italian classics, along with pizza from a handful of well-known pizza makers.

The pizza is also well-presented, with fresh ingredients, a selection of salads, and a variety of Italian wines.

Its got the best Italian flavours.

(Derek Lee/CBC News) The best, but not the only, is at The Mall, on St. Clair Avenue in the downtown core.

It offers a diverse array of Italian and American pizzas, including the famous Pizza Bola, a pizzeria that has won multiple Michelin stars and is the perfect place to enjoy a quick bite in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Mall is also an excellent place to catch up on recent news, as you can get a glimpse of the latest headlines.

Its also home of The Pizzaro, a restaurant that has been on the menu for over 40 years.

Its been a staple for locals and tourists alike, with pizza parlours all over the mall, as locals and tourist alike have flocked to grab a bite and a glass of wine.

The good: The Mall has some of Canada’s best pizzeria options, including The Pizza Bar, the first and most authentic Italian restaurant in the area, which is open year round.

The pizzeria serves up some of Ontario’s best local and Italian classics in a casual setting.

The selection of pizzas and salads are also great, with an abundance of choices.

There are some good pizza options in the mall.

(Kathy Denham/CBC) The Pizza bar has a great selection of Italian classics like Pizzas di Paz, and its been a go-to place for locals.

It serves up an impressive range of classic pizzas like the famous Pizzaz, a classic Italian pizza from the pizzeria’s namesake, Pizzario di Pazzola.

The Paz is also worth a visit, as it offers a variety in salads, such as the Pizza salad, with Italian sauce and fresh ingredients.

It also has a good selection of wines, including an excellent selection of Burgundy and Pinot Noir.

Its a great spot for a quick and casual lunch break.

(Rachael LeBlanc/CBCNews) The other best is at King and Bathurst Streets, near Bathurst and King Streets.

It hosts a variety, including traditional pizzas such as Pizzadors, which are typically made with the fresher ingredients from Italy.

King and Besser streets also has some great pizzas from the famous Italian restaurant Casa Di Pizzoro.

Casa is also known for its fresh and artisan cheeses, which have become staples of the neighbourhood.

The cheeses are fresh and fresh, and also offer a variety and taste of the local area.

(Pasquales Pizza) The rest of the best is on Kensington’s west side, and there are many choices, with the best being at The King and King subway stations.

There, the King and Kings subway is a fantastic option, as its located right next to the iconic Kensington Pizza restaurant.

It features a variety that has a large variety of pizzaz from all over Ontario, and is a great place to grab some quick and delicious pizzas at the end of the day.

The King subway station has some other great choices.

(Mike McGurk/CBCnews) The next best is right at the intersection of Bathurst Street and Queen Street in the west end of Toronto, and it is known for having some of its best pizza.

Its called Pizzaf

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