When a bruno’s Pizza Delivery Guy Wants to Help Domos Pizza Deal with its Dominos Pizza deal

Dominos, the popular pizza chain that sells its pizzas at Target, Macy’s, Costco and Walmart, is in talks with Bruno’s to provide delivery services.

Dominos also recently signed a deal with Pizza Hut to deliver pizza to Target and other major retailers.

Bruno’s has a $50 million loan guarantee to help it pay down its debt and to provide the pizzas it needs.

The chain’s CEO, Scott Sussman, said in a statement that the deal is contingent on Bruno fulfilling delivery commitments to Target.

Domos is looking to get deliveries from Bruno through a partnership with a local delivery service.

Bruto’s Pizza CEO Scott Sessman.

(Source: Bruno)”We’ve made a commitment to deliver at least one slice of pizza every other day of the week,” Sessmann said in the statement.

“It’s going to be an absolute honor to deliver these pizzas to Target.”

“We will continue to work with Bruto’s and the delivery service to deliver the products that our customers deserve,” he added.

Brinos chief executive officer Chris Brinos said in March that Domos would consider expanding delivery services to other major chains in the future.

Domos has about 8,000 stores and offers delivery services at Target and Walmart.

The chain also has a franchise system that lets customers choose pizza delivery from a menu of other brands, such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Pizza Hut, Subway and Domino’s.

Dominos operates more than 5,000 restaurants in North America, Europe and Asia.

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