Aussie barro of the week: Barro’s pizzeria

Barro-like pizza restaurant Barro Spaghetti’s pizzas are a must-try.

This barro has the right mix of flavours and fresh toppings.

Owner Ben Barro said he started making pizzas to make sure people got a slice they could enjoy.

“We just really wanted to bring a bit of flavour to the tables and the drinks, and we do a good job of that,” he said.

Ben Barro says Barro has been a staple in the Canberra community for years.

He started making pizza when he was a teenager.

His first big project was a barro, which he named after his father, Barro, who had been a butcher for 40 years.

The pizza has become a favourite with locals and tourists alike.

But Barro is also a big fan of Australian pop music.

At the moment, he is making the pizza with the likes of Lil B, Lil Yachty and Gwen Stefani.

The pizzas have been in the works for more than a year.

Barro says the pizzas can only be made when he is not working.

They are usually about six months behind schedule.

When Barro started making Barro Pizza, he did not expect he would be making so many pizzas a year, and he is thrilled to see the demand.

I think the only thing I can say about Barro pizzas is that they taste amazing, he said, adding that they also taste fantastic as a side dish to a steak or roast.

Pizza is a special occasion for Barro.

On Christmas Eve, Barros pizza is served in the dining room.

People line up to have their pizza delivered to their home.

There are plenty of Barro bars around Canberra, but they are located in different parts of the city, including the inner west, north and south-west.

Mr Barro makes Barro Barro pizza at Barrospaghettis location in Canberra.

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