Which country is the most corrupt?

The World Bank has released its latest ranking of corruption across the globe.

It ranked the 46 nations by a range of indicators including GDP, corruption, and corruption rates.

The Bank’s ranking is based on information gathered from data from Transparency International, Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (TIP), and Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer.

The top spot goes to China, followed by India and the United States, where there are two countries where the government is actively engaged in suppressing criticism of the government.

The other countries are Pakistan, India, Pakistan, China, and Russia.

The US is the least corrupt nation with a score of 8.8.

The US ranked as the least democratic country.

The Bank has also revealed that the US ranked at number 1 on corruption perceptions in terms of the amount of public information the public has access to.

It also found that the country with the lowest amount of transparency in the world is India with a Transparency International ranking of 3.7.

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