A look back at the biggest news stories of the week in the restaurant industry

The big news of the weekend is the demise of Deep Dish Pizza, a fast-casual pizza chain that was once a cornerstone of the Sydney restaurant industry.

The chain has announced the closure of the last of its Sydney stores and will be moving its operations to a new location in Adelaide, Australia.

The company’s last Sydney store was closed in February and it was set to open a new one in the city this week, with plans to open another one in Sydney’s CBD next month.

The closure of Deep Dessert Pizza was announced in a statement by the company, which is now set to close all its remaining stores in Sydney and Adelaide.

“It is with great sadness that we announce that we are closing our remaining Sydney and Melbourne locations, and we are moving our operations to Adelaide,” the statement said.

“We will be reopening stores in Adelaide and Melbourne in the near future.

We are sad to announce that our Adelaide and Sydney stores will be closing, but we have worked hard over the past two years to create a strong and sustainable business model.”‘

We will miss you’Deep Dessert opened its doors in the Sydney suburb of Parramatta in 2014, and its first location opened in the CBD in February 2017.

It is the first time the franchise has opened a store in Adelaide.

The Sydney location opened to the public in February, with the Sydney franchisees expected to open their stores in the Adelaide area in March.

A spokesperson for Deep Dressed Pizza said the chain was “shocked and saddened” by the news.

“The decision to close our Sydney store has been extremely difficult for us,” Deep Dressing Pizza spokesperson Rachel Grewal said in a written statement.

“Deep Dressed has been part of the community for over 20 years and we will miss our loyal and passionate staff and customers.

Deep Dressing has been a strong member of Sydney’s restaurant community for many years and it is very sad to see it go.

Deep Dish Pizza has been committed to the city of Sydney and the surrounding region for many decades, and the closing of this iconic Sydney store is a tremendous loss for the local community.”‘

Deep Dish has a lot of great pizza’Deep dishes, which include the Deep Dish pizza, is one of the longest-serving pizza chains in the world.

In 2012, the company won the Australian Pizza Awards for the best pizza in the country and for the second year in a row in 2017, it took the prestigious title for the first ever time.

Deep dish is made by hand from scratch, but is topped with mozzarella, mozzoli, and parmesan cheese, and is then deep-fried in a pan with onions, garlic, tomato and mozzolini.

The pizza is sold in a wide range of flavors including pepperoni, bacon, mozza, and gorgonzola.

“Our pizza is a favourite with many of our loyal customers, and Deep Dish’s pizza is very popular in Sydney,” the spokesperson said.


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