Pizza in China: Pizza in the universe

In the pizza universe, pizza is a cosmic entity.

Its a product of a galaxy where a pizza-maker has created it to serve as a kind of universal currency.

But for the Chinese, the pizza is not just a product but a metaphor for life.

This is the story of how the pizza came to be in China and why the Chinese are taking on the role of global food entrepreneurs.

Pizza is a universal currency A pizza originates in ancient times in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, which is part of the Jiangsu province.

This is where the famous pizza-making industry began in China.

According to the historian Jiang Chen, in the Shang Dynasty, the first Chinese food was a dish called 北西柏麺 or prawn noodle.

匷襳, a noodle soup, is still one of the most popular foods in China, and its the staple food for the rural poor.

At the time, the food industry was very small, and most people could not afford to buy food.

However, there was a market for the product.

When the Qing Dynasty came to power in 1644, it started importing rice from the East.

As the rice was coming from the west, the market was flooded with rice.

The rice was being exported to China as a commodity.

In the end, it became the standard food that everyone needed.

And the market for food was flooded too.

So the Chinese decided to do something about this problem.

It began with a revolution.

During the Qing dynasty, there were no formal trade routes.

There was no central banking system.

There were no markets.

Even the land, which had always been the basis of Chinese agriculture, had been lost to the country.

Therefore, there existed no one to sell food to.

Thus, a small group of traders, called 会大会, began to set up shops.

They also started exporting to China.

From this point on, the Chinese started exporting food to the world.

According to one source, 伝大伝 任個中国中囲国民國查, 仙倍放较中图家中围比載去服务中因苦, 我倉中囿与們车家路转提供世界起谐中固短关。 It is this trade that allowed the Chinese to establish their first global food business.

Pizza is a global phenomenon It is easy to see why the world is hungry for pizza.

A pizza is one of those things that is so ubiquitous that it has become the universal currency of the world, according to the New York Times.

To eat a pizza in a restaurant in the United States requires a certain amount of knowledge about the world around you.

Foodstuffs like pasta and rice are often served with a sauce made from the flour.

Many pizza restaurants have special menus, such as a pizza, pizza sauce, pizza cheese sauce and a pizza cheese crust.

There are many pizza chains that sell a wide variety of foodstuffs to cater to the varying tastes of the masses.

Because pizza is so universally loved, the global pizza market is estimated to have reached $7 trillion (8 trillion yuan) in 2011, according the International Business Times.

The market is also worth $1.5 trillion (1.3 trillion yuan).

The pizza is an icon of Chinese culture and history Pizza in Chinese cuisine has become a symbol of Chinese pride.

The Chinese are famous for their love of pizza, with many celebrating it as a national holiday and for pizza-related celebrations.

But Pizza in Ancient China was different.

Since the Qing government banned pizza in 1892, there have been many changes to the pizza.

In the past, it was not allowed to sell it to the public.

It was even banned from being served in restaurants.

Then, in 2000, Chinese President Hu Jintao ordered that all food products be labelled and labelled in a way that made them easier to identify.

After that, pizza became a global food.

Its not just food in China The story of the pizza as a universal commodity begins in the 19th century.

By the beginning of the 20th century, there had already been a huge increase in the amount of pizza consumed worldwide.

On March 5, 1891, in Shanghai, a huge crowd gathered to celebrate a Chinese national holiday known as the Chinese New Year.

Around this time, pizza was also becoming an increasingly popular food.

The Chinese called it 传毛色, the

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