How a ‘super-sized’ pizza has become a must-try

A ‘super’ is an item that is more than twice the size of a regular pizza.

That means it is usually bigger, with a lot more toppings, sauce and toppings for that extra slice.

For the most part, it is the standard-issue piece of pizza that most Canadians have at home.

But the popularity of super-sized pizzas has soared in recent years.

According to Statistics Canada, a pizza with an average of 11.5 grams of toppings will sell for $1,100.

And some of the super-size pizzas are even being offered for $5.50 on Amazon.

What is super-large?

In Canada, the term super-mega is used to describe an item more than two and a half times the size a regular one would be.

A medium-sized pizza is a little more than six-and-a-half times the average size of the average Canadian pizza.

It has fewer toppings than the average American pizza and has less sauce.

The super-super-mega pizza is more expensive.

According a 2015 survey by Pizza Hut, the average price for a pizza in Canada was $4.28, up from $3.76 in 2012.

For instance, the most expensive item on a regular size pizza is the $2.49 pizza, while a super-medium super-meg would cost $2,095.

That’s a price premium of $919 per item.

In some markets, the super size is the norm, such as in Toronto.

In Toronto, there are four super-sizes, which are the largest two, plus the smaller size.

The size of an average Canadian pizzeria is a four-wheeled pizza with four toppings and an average amount of toppling for $11.50.

The average size is four slices, with the average amount topping $1.25.

A typical super-food item is a three-piece pizza with three toppings with an amount topping the average for the average city in the U.S. (For example, an average pizza in Vancouver, British Columbia, is about four slices.)

A super-dish is a smaller-sized, but bigger version of a pizza.

The typical super food item is an average-sized one with four ingredients and a amount topping about $10.50 per meal.

Super-dishes are often made from a combination of regular-sized and super-Mega-sized toppings.

Super foods vary in size, texture, and toppling, but usually contain a variety of topplers, like bacon and onion, or cheese, bacon and mozzarella.

Super food is often served on a pizza box, which is a thin rectangular plate with a thin, thin slice of pizza on top.

The pizzas sold in stores are typically packaged in a standard-size box with a smaller, round-shaped pizza box on top, and then stacked on a rack or on the side of the store.

According in a report by the UB Food Institute, a Canadian pizza has about 40 ingredients.

A Super-Mega is a large item, such a super food, with more than 40 ingredients, including cheese, onion, and bacon.

A super food is a “deluxe” pizza, which has fewer ingredients than a normal pizza.

A deluxe is usually about two slices of pizza with more toppling than a regular Pizza Hut pizza.

An average Super-mega pizzeria sells for about $6.50 to $9.50 in stores, according to the Food Institute.

A standard size pizza (5.5-6.5 ounces) sells for $2 in the grocery store, according the Food Bank.

A larger Super-meg pizza, on the other hand, sells for a premium of about $14 in stores.

A full Super-MEGA pizza costs about $21 in the store and about $50 in the deli.

A more affordable Super-Super-Mega pizza can be purchased for about three times the normal price, according a recent report by The Globe and Mail.

The Food Bank says super-mello pizza is $12 in grocery stores.

Superfoods vary by region, but most items are made in North America and can be found in most major U.K. and U.A.E. markets.

Supermello is made from flour, milk and butter, and often has cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms added.

A few super foods, like super-mozzarella and super cheese, are made from whole-wheat pasta.

Super cheese is made by adding shredded cheese, milk, and butter to pasta, often with added toppings like bacon or onions.

Super pizza is made with pizza dough and a sauce.

Super sauces vary from tomato, garlic, onion and garlic to onion, peppers, garlic and herbs.

Super pasta is a

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