How a pizza maker is helping the homeless out of their debt

Pete’s Pizza in Sydney’s north-west is helping some of the homeless to make their own pizza, and the company says the donations will help those in need.

The business opened its doors for the first time in January to help people in need, with the first pizza delivered to a homeless man at the local park.

One of its owners, Peter, said they hoped their donation would help those who were homeless to get on their feet.

“I’ve been going to the park, and I’ve got a little boy who is about six or seven years old, and he’s been crying every time he gets out of his car,” he said.

“So, when we opened, it was pretty obvious it was the best thing to do, so we’re very happy.”

The pizza was made with a special blend of local ingredients, including local honey, local fruit and local vegetables.

The pizza is made by hand and the pizza delivery has also been an important part of the business.

Mr Pete said they had been working for a while and were getting really good at making good pizza.

“We’ve got about 20-25 guys in here at any given time,” he told 7.30.

“There’s about a dozen delivery guys out here.”

Mr Petes family is a small one and he said they have struggled to make ends meet since losing his job in 2016.

“The unemployment rate is around 30 per cent in Sydney,” he explained.

“That’s just a lot of people, who really need the help and are really desperate.”

Mr Pates son, Ben, is also a pizza delivery man.

He said his son’s work in the pizza business had helped his son to get through his recovery.

“When I first got the job, my son was on unemployment for about six months,” he recalled.

Mr Peders son is a pizza guy too. “

My son went back into the industry, and now he’s just got another job.”

Mr Peders son is a pizza guy too.

He also said the pizza has been a big help for his son and others.

“It’s really made a big difference for my son,” he shared.

“As a dad, I’ve always wanted to make my own pizza.

Mr Paul Peders said the company would continue to help the homeless as long as it was needed. “

And I’m glad my son is making it, because he’s in the right place at the right time.”

Mr Paul Peders said the company would continue to help the homeless as long as it was needed.

“Because of the donations we have received, we’re able to offer some of those services to the homeless and we hope they will get some of their pizza and make some money back,” he added.

“If we can help the families and the children that need the food and the clothing, we want to do that.”

Mr Peter Peders, owner of Petes Pizza in Melbourne’s north, said it was a “good day” for the company.

“At the end of the day, I think it’s a great thing for the community, because we’re helping to give people a little bit of money to get back on their legs,” he confirmed.

“Everyone needs a little something for themselves, and we can’t do that if we don’t have a little money in the bank.”

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