Taro, Mito: India’s first pizza joint, opens in Delhi

India’s capital, Delhi, has seen a boom in the number of eateries opening in the last three years.

In fact, the number has shot up by almost 70% from the same period in 2016, according to data compiled by The Hindu newspaper.

But it wasn’t always like this.

For more than a decade, Delhi’s Pizza Hut and Cheesecake Factory were both struggling.

The two were the last big chains in the country to survive a wave of urbanisation that started with the introduction of the metro in 2003.

But the arrival of the city’s fast-growing middle class has also meant that there are fewer options for locals.

A handful of local pizzerias, which have been around since the late 1980s, are thriving in the city.

Taro and Mito are among them.

Their pizza is made with fresh ingredients sourced from India, and it’s popular in both India and the United States.

It’s served on freshly baked, toasted crusts.

“We are very proud of our history.

We have been here for over 70 years.

It has been our destiny,” said Taro’s owner, Tariq Ali.

Mito, which also serves Indian food, opened in 2005 and is popular with tourists, as well as locals.

It has been running for eight years.

Its popularity has taken off in recent years, with more and more locals visiting.

“When we opened, we didn’t have any idea that people would come to the restaurant.

We only thought we would have a few customers in the evening.

But now we are seeing a lot of tourists,” said Mito’s owner Mohammad Ali.

He said his business has grown from about 50 customers a month to 100 people a month, and now the restaurant has more than 10,000 customers.

Cheesecake factory, which started out as a restaurant and has since expanded into a catering business, has also seen an explosion in popularity.

Owner Keshav Sharma, who opened it in 2005, said the restaurant’s popularity has grown by more than 70% in the past decade.

The popularity of Indian food has given rise to a new breed of restaurants, including a restaurant called the Pizza House, which offers a wide range of Indian cuisine.

“The popularity is so strong.

Many people now eat Indian food.

We get more orders for our food,” said Piyush, owner of the Pizza Palace, a restaurant in south Delhi.

But for many, it’s the pizza, which they love most, that has taken over the eatery.

It’s a pizza which comes with toppings like basil, mozzarella and Parmesan.

“They give us so much more.

It is our favorite meal,” said Dina, owner and chef of Pizza Palace.

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