‘It’s not the same’ as ‘Itz-Pizza’: New York Pizza places open on Christmas eve

NEW YORK — A couple of New York pizza places have reopened on Christmas Eve after being closed on Monday.

Papa John’s is on the scene in Chelsea, where it is opening the doors for customers.

And the new Papa John has a Christmas-themed menu.

A Pizza Express on Madison Avenue will reopen on Christmas day with a festive menu featuring a pizza with cheese sauce, an Italian bread sandwich, a mozzarella pizza and a cheesecake, as well as a side of pies.

Pizzeria Pizzatronic will also open for customers with a Christmas menu with a special selection of seasonal pies.

The first pizzeria to open on December 25 in the nation’s capital, Pizza Express is a pizza joint that specializes in fresh-made pies and other comfort food items.

Pizza Express was one of the first restaurants to open in New York City in 2009, and has since expanded to locations in other cities.

The pizzeria was shuttered Monday after the city said it did not have the funds to continue operating after December 1.

The City Council on Wednesday voted to allow the restaurants to reopen.

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