The World’s Best Pizza Rolls are Loaded with Cheese, Meat, and Eggs

In a recent interview with Vice News, the CEO of a pizza chain told us about his company’s “ultimate pizza roll” that was made with cheese, meat, and eggs.

“If we wanted to, we could create a pizza roll that was as good as the best pizzas,” he said.

The company had no idea what it was going to do with that dough, so it spent months figuring out how to make it.

“When we found out, it was a very special thing to have, it’s very special to have a pizza.

And I know it’s a very rare thing,” the CEO said.

“But if you’re going to have it, you better have it right.”

It’s no surprise that he says he has never seen a pizza as delicious as the one he makes.

It’s not just about the pizza itself, either.

It was also a way for the founder to say thank you to his family and to thank his fans.

“They all loved it,” he says.

“I have a lot of friends who have never met a pizza in their life that was so good.

I just can’t describe it.”

The best thing about the founder’s roll, according to the founder, is that it’s “easy to eat.”

The rolls are stuffed with cheese and meat, with a touch of egg, and the dough is rolled out on the counter with a spoon and no hands.

“There’s not a single mistake,” he explained.

“It’s so delicious.

It tastes like the best pizza in the world.

There’s nothing else.”

The owner has been making pizzas since 2005 and has been the CEO at Pizzeria de Chile since 2014.

He’s been featured on the cover of Forbes, the New York Times, and CNN Money.

The founder’s wife is a food writer for CNN Money and she has written for a number of publications, including Vice News and CNN Health.

Pizzerias de Chile is the oldest pizza maker in Chile, and they’ve made millions of pizzas for decades.

The owner says that they started making their pizza around the same time that the US government banned fast food restaurants in the United States.

“The whole idea was to bring the American dream to Chile and bring food back,” he told Vice News.

“That’s why we have the most beautiful pizza in Chile.”

The founder says that he’s been very happy with the success of his pizza rolls.

“We’ve made billions of pizzerias in Chile,” he added.

“And we’ve never failed.”

He’s also very proud of his company.

“Chile is a beautiful country, and we’ve had great things happen here,” he admitted.

“In this country, the best is always in the kitchen.”

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