Pizza delivery company’s pizza deliveries in Canada hit record lows online

Pizza delivery service Domino’s has told CBC News it’s seeing a steep decline in online orders for its pizzas.

In a blog post Tuesday, Dominos said its average delivery times for the last two weeks have dropped below two minutes for customers ordering a pizza.

That’s a huge decrease from the past two weeks, when the company was reporting an average delivery time of nearly three minutes, the post said.

“Domino’s Pizza is pleased to report that the online delivery performance of its pizza is currently experiencing an overall decline,” the post read.

“We are currently experiencing some very concerning online delivery bottlenecks for Domino in Canada and across the world.”

Domino customers in Canada have been ordering about 4,000 pizzas per day, according to the company.

But, Dominos’ online delivery time for the past week has been down about half that.

It says customers are now ordering about 2,400 pizzas a day.

The company says Domino is trying to find a solution for its bottlenegas and is looking into “a more reliable and scalable delivery solution.”

Dominos Pizza is in Canada’s second largest pizza market, behind only Montreal.

The chain’s business is growing, but the company says it has not seen a decline in sales in recent years.

In the last year, the company said its annual sales have grown by nearly 70 per cent, compared to a decline of just 8 per cent for the same period last year.

In May, Domos Pizza closed a $2.7-million funding round led by Google Ventures.

It raised $2 million in June.

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