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The New York Times published a story Monday titled “Taco Pizza: What’s in a name?,” which featured a picture of a giant red-hot, white-barked “Tacos” that are the only edible items available at the popular Mexican fast food chain’s restaurants.

According to the Times, the story’s author, Julia Angwin, decided to name her story after the brand of pizza that comes with a bowl of chili, but did not specify what the actual name of the product was.

According, “Takoteca” was invented in 2006 by New York City-based company Tastec, which also produces a similar product called Taco Tango.

According the company’s website, Taco Taguas come in several flavors: hot, spicy, or sweet.

It is marketed as a “family favorite” and is sold in about 50,000 stores.

Taco Tango has long been considered a novelty, but the company has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, particularly with younger customers.

The company’s popularity has increased in recent months, with the brand’s popularity in restaurants growing from 8.5 percent of all U.S. fast food sales in February to 12.9 percent of the country’s fast food purchases in April, according to the Associated Press.

Angwin said in an interview with the Times that she wanted to use the name “Tatacotas” because it seemed appropriate, given that they were popularized as a novelty and the company did not want to create confusion about its brand.

The Times report said that “Tasco” was also used to refer to a product in the United Kingdom, though Angwin said that was not the case.

The New York-based chain’s founder and chief executive officer, John Schnatter, told the Times he believed the brand was named after a pizza dish that originated in Spain, but added that it was unlikely that the name was derived from that dish.

Angvin told the paper that she was looking to find a name that could “really evoke a feeling of being home,” but she said she was not worried about that.

According Angwin’s article, the name has been used for a number of other products including tacos, pizza rolls, and tacos stuffed with chicken and other ingredients.

The company said it was looking for a creative way to describe its product and hoped that the story would be shared “with the rest of the world.”

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