What is minsky’s Pizza?

What is the minsky brothers pizza?

I was on a flight home from the airport and I saw the sign that said, “We don’t serve pizza in the middle of the airport”.

That sign said, in part, “No pizzas are served on flights outside of the terminal, except to passengers and their immediate family.”

The restaurant in question was minskys.

The name comes from a Russian family whose restaurant, known as “minsky”, is one of the oldest pizzerias in New York.

As it turns out, the family started out by making pizza at the home of a Russian immigrant.

The owner, Alexander Milinsky, was born in a Russian-occupied area in Russia, and in 1914, when his father took him to Russia for medical treatment, he was given a Russian passport by the Russian government.

In 1920, he moved to New York and established his first pizzeria in Brooklyn.

He opened it in 1923, and it became one of New York’s most famous restaurants.

It was known for its classic style of crusts and toppings, and its signature tomato sauce.

By the late 1930s, the restaurant was known around the world, with Michelin star restaurants like Florence in Paris, and Michelin-star restaurants in London, and restaurants in Moscow, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Istanbul.

By 1960, the Milinskys owned Minskys had expanded to other parts of the country, and they eventually opened their own restaurant in San Francisco, which became famous for its “Italian” pizza.

Today, the minky brothers’ pizza is the stuff of legend, and is a quintessential New York pizza.

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