What you need to know about the new bros bros pizza restaurant

Toronto — The bros pizzeria and bar have opened a branch in Toronto’s east-end neighbourhood.

It is the first bros restaurant in Toronto to be open in a new community.

“We are so excited,” co-owner and pizza chef Michael Bruno said Thursday.

“This neighbourhood has always been a great home for bros.

We are going to build a great place that is great for people to come in and be a part of.”

The broskie restaurant will have a menu that includes pizzas, salads and sandwiches.

“The menu is based on the bros ethos,” Bruno explained.

“It is based around the bro.

We have a lot of pizzas.

We do have a huge pizza menu.”

The new brods pizzeria will be located at 488 Wellington St. E., near the intersection of Yonge and Yonge Street.

A sign on the front entrance states that the restaurant is open daily.

Bruno has been opening bros restaurants in Toronto for the past two years.

He says the location on Wellington St., near Yonge St., is ideal for broskies community.

He also said the new establishment is part of a larger project in the neighbourhood.

“There is a lot more activity in the area,” he said.

“A lot of new development is happening around the corner.”

Bros Pizza, also known as the broskier pizza chain, opened its first Toronto location in the city’s east end in May.

The company is now expanding in other areas of the city.

In December, it announced plans to open a branch near the site of a former Yonge subway station.

“Broskies Pizza is proud to announce that our newest Toronto location will be a broskied location in our new neighbourhood of Scarborough,” said Mike Bruno in a statement.

“At broskys, we love making people feel comfortable, and we feel privileged to be a home for our bros and their families.”

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