How to make joe ‘s pizza in under 30 minutes

What are the ingredients in joe’s pizza?

What’s in the sauce?

Where does the meat come from?

These are some of the questions the BBC is tackling in a series of interviews with experts. 

It has been a few years since the original Joe’s Pizza opened its doors in the heart of Leeds, in September 2001.

Its original owner, Joe Tufnell, had decided that he wanted to create a pizza that could be served to the public, not just for special occasions. 

Now, two decades later, the pizzeria has grown to serve more than 3,500 customers a day. 

As well as offering a wide range of delicious pies, the original has become a major tourist attraction. 

The restaurant has also attracted the attention of a number of famous chefs, with the likes of James Beard and David Blaine among the most popular. 

However, the pizza is still very much in its infancy, and there are still a number issues to be worked out. 

In order to get to grips with the problem of the sauce and the meat, the BBC’s food editor Dave Fidler has interviewed some of Leeds’ leading chefs. 

“What is in the meat?”

“That is the real question.

That’s the sauce.””

There’s no meat.

It’s made with flour.””

You’re a bit of a perfectionist, aren’t you?””


I mean, I think you’re right.

The meat’s a good quality, but it’s not the right quality.

It doesn’t go well with other sauces, and you can’t really get a good balance between the two.” 

The sauce is important to the pizza. 

Joe Tufell and his brother Dave Tufells say that the sauce is the difference between good and bad pizza.

Dave Tugleston has described the sauce as “a wonderful, rich, creamy, earthy flavour”.

“If it goes well with anything, it will do,” says chef Joanne Glynn, who has been making the pizza for more than 30 years.

“And the cheese is great too.” 

How to make a good pizza, and how to prepare it properly Joe’s pizza is made with a mixture of the pizza ingredients, including flour, salt and pepper. 

This is all done on the spot.

There is no cooking time, and the pizzas are ready to be eaten straight away. 

How long should it take to make the pizza? 

“A couple of minutes. 

I’m a little bit of an optimist.

I like to have a little extra time to get the pizza ready.” 

What’s the difference in a good pie and a bad one? 

There are a number factors that go into a good or bad pizza, according to Joanne. 

One of the key differences is how long it takes for the pizza to cook.

“I can make a great pizza with a few minutes, and then it gets quite burnt,” she says. 

There’s also a big difference between the quality of the meat and the toppings that go with it.

“If it’s good, the meat will be fresh and it will be good,” she adds.

“The toppings are good, but they are not the same as the meat. 

Should you use extra sauce? “

If you’ve got a good crust, the cheese will go well, but the crust will get very burnt,” says Joanne, who also recommends that you cook it first with the pizza in the oven, so that the toppling doesn’t stick together. 

Should you use extra sauce? 

The answer to this question depends on the type of pizza.

“A great pizza, the topples are going to work really well with the cheese,” Joanne says.

“It’s like having a really good pizza.

It’ll have a great crust, and it’ll be really good with the sauce.

But if it’s really, really hot, you’re not going to get that. 

If you cook a pizza too hot, the sauce will start to melt, and that can make it dry out and the crust won’t be as good.” 

Do you have to use the same sauce when you make the pies? 

Some of the best pizza-making techniques involve using the same ingredients to make different kinds of pies.

“There’s nothing wrong with using different toppings, but I think that when you go to make your own pizza, you should be cooking the topplings with the meat,” Joannas advice to her customers. 

Do I need to have any special sauce in my pies?

 The BBC’s Food Editor Dave Fishel says: “You don’t need to be cooking a special sauce.

If you’re going to have some of that, it doesn’t have to be the same thing as the sauce you’re using.” 

Will my pies be greasy?

“I would say yes,”

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