Pizza Express is opening its first franchise in the UK with Pizza Hut number 1 outlet in Norwich

Pizza Express Pizza Hut has opened its first UK franchise.

The chain is expected to open a Pizza Hut in the city’s city centre.

The franchise is expected in April and the chain is owned by Pizza Hut parent company Pizza Hut Holdings Plc.

The Pizza Hut franchise is one of many Pizza Hut franchises that are set to open across the UK in the coming months.

The company said that it had decided to open Pizza Hut, a franchise, in Norwich, Norwich West and Norwich South following the successful launch of its first overseas franchise in March in Ireland.

The number 1 Pizza Hut outlet in the capital city will open in the new year, according to a statement from the company.

The Norwich franchise will be based in the City Centre and Pizza Hut will be opening an outlet in another city, it added.

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