What the world will eat on PizzaGate Day: How Domino’s Pizza’s pizza will look and taste like in 2017

Domino’ Pizza will not be opening a PizzaGate-themed restaurant in its current location in Seattle, as some people have speculated.

The pizza chain, which has its own website and Twitter account, confirmed to the Seattle Times that it will not reopen a Pizzagate-themed location for the time being.

“We are currently exploring options for a PizzaGates-themed menu at our Seattle and Tacoma locations, as we do not believe it is appropriate for us to open another location,” Domino Foods said in a statement.

“As the company continues to review all options, we will share more information as it becomes available.”

The pizza giant said that it has been working with Seattle restaurant owner Tony Tresci, who owns several PizzaGate locations, including a Pizza Gate restaurant in Ballard, on a pizza menu.

“Tony and his team have been amazing to work with and have really made us look good,” Domo’s Pizza said.

“They are doing great things for our customers and the community.”

A number of other PizzaGate eateries have announced their intention to reopen on PizzaGate Day.

Domino Pizza and Domino, which is owned by the same parent company as Domino`s Pizza, are the only two pizza chains in the U.S. that have not announced plans to reopen.

The Domino�s Pizza Pizza franchisees will celebrate PizzaGateDay in several ways.

PizzaGate employees will be given a “pizza card” to use on their PizzaGate pizza.

PizzaGaters will be able to vote for their favorite pizza by sharing the pizza card.

And PizzaGators will be offered free delivery.

PizzagateDay also marks the second anniversary of PizzaGate.

Domo�s reported the closure of the last PizzaGate location in Atlanta, in February 2016.

Dominos’ Pizza was the first PizzaGate franchise to open a Pizzagates-focused location in the United States.

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