‘Dinosaur’ was actually a robot and a space capsule, report says

Google News article “The dinosaur was actually made from a large piece of rock, called a karat, which is the same material used in most robots today,” said Peter Smith, an engineer at the University of Waterloo, in an email to the BBC.

“The robot would then be powered by the karat and the dinosaur would be able to walk on it.”

Dr Smith’s team used a special type of karat called a microbead.

It is made of a plastic material and it’s made from tiny, very tiny particles.

“Microbeads are really thin and can be easily manipulated,” he said.

“They can be attached to a metal plate, and they can be cut to shape.”

The researchers made the robot from a piece of karaoke music and a piece called a “tape.”

It was then powered by microbactures made of microcrystals that are very thin.

Dr Smith said that the robot’s performance would have been similar to a “superhero” movie character.

“If you are playing an actor who has superpowers, you will need to be very careful in order to not lose them,” he told the BBC, explaining that a robot would have a “very limited amount of energy”.

It is unclear whether the “super hero” was actually the fictional character or whether it was a robot made for the show.

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