Mario’s Pizza Pizza is on a roll, after losing its patent lawsuit

Mario’s pizza chain is back on its feet, after winning a patent lawsuit against a competitor.

The company, which makes pizza in the U.S. and Canada, filed a lawsuit Friday against a pizza maker that makes pies in China.

Mario’s said it will settle the lawsuit and pay $25,000 in damages to the maker.

The suit was filed by a New York-based firm called The Mario’s Company.

In its complaint, Mario’s alleged that the maker of the pizza chain’s pizza is infringing on its trademark, which includes the word mario.

Mario’s Pizza and The Marios are based in the California city of Thousand Oaks, which has a strong pizza industry, according to the company.

The pizza company has a presence in the area, and customers have been buying the pizza for years, Mario said in a statement.

Mario said he is grateful to the people of Thousand Oregon and their support.

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