When does the Stanley Cup Finals start?

The NHL is getting ready to start the Stanley CUP Finals on Sunday at 7 p.m.


Here are five things to know as the NHL and the players get ready for Game 1:1.

Can the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cups?


The Blackhawks haven’t won a championship since 1994, but the Chicago Blackhawks are the Stanley Champions.

They’ve won six of the last seven Stanley Cups.2.

What are the line combinations for Game 2?

This is the first time the Blackhawks will play without Patrick Kane.

The Chicago Blackhawks had a tough time scoring in Game 1 and now they’ll face off against the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 2.3.

Can Crosby play?

Crosby is out for Game 3, and that means his first game since Feb. 13 will be his first since Nov. 2.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are a good team.

But they’ve lost their last three Stanley Cups and will have to battle to make the playoffs.4.

How many games will the Penguins play?

They’ve been out of the playoffs for a few weeks now, but they’re back.

They’re going to play two more games this week before going back to the Eastern Conference final.5.

Will Sidney Crosby play again?

Crosby has been out for three weeks with an illness, and he’ll be back on Monday.

Crosby had a hand in two of the Penguins’ goals, including this one that put the Penguins ahead.

He had one assist in Game 3 and had one goal in Game 4.

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