‘The most important thing I did in my life’: Regina pizza owner regrets not paying his bill

The owner of Regina’s only pizza restaurant Bill’s Pizza has apologised for not paying a bill from the city’s health department.

Key points:Owner Bill’s owner Paul Leitch said he was “sad” he did not pay his bill after city health department issued a summons for him on October 1The health department said Bill’s had breached regulations on food safetyThe bill had been incurred in November and Leitch had paid it, the owner saidThe owner of Bill’s pizza in Regina said he had not paid his bill since the city health inspector issued a public health order in October.

“I was sad.

I did not know what to do,” Mr Leitch told the ABC.”

My wife and I were in the restaurant, my kids were there, and my kids came out and said, ‘Dad, we’re not going to leave,'” Mr Leitt said.”

We’ve never paid a bill before, but we’ve never seen this before.”

In the months leading up to the public health notice, Bill’s has been in the midst of a three-month food safety recall of its product, including a recall of all products with a “toxic chemical” label, Mr Leik said.

Bill’s said it was aware of the public order, and that it had paid the bill, which came in November.

The owner said the bill was not a large amount, but it was a reminder that he had to pay his bills and had not done so in a while.

“It was a good reminder that there are times when you need to pay bills,” Mr Lemieis said.

The health inspector said Bills’ had breached city regulations on foods safety.

“Bill’s Pizza is a pizza restaurant with over 15 years’ experience in the industry, and our restaurant has been operating under the highest standards of food safety since our establishment opened in 2008,” the health department’s website said.

Mr Leitch was unaware of the health inspection when contacted by the ABC, but the restaurant owner said he has never been fined or penalised for failing to pay.

“If I do get fined, I’ll just pay my fine,” Mr Lepieis added.

“That’s my attitude.

I don’t want to go to jail.

I’ll pay.”

The health notice said Bill has failed to follow all food safety standards, and was in breach of regulations for food preparation and packaging, food safety testing, and food handling.

“The restaurant has breached the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) food safety rules,” the notice said.

A spokesperson for the city said the food safety regulations required that all food products must be free of harmful ingredients, including pesticides, chemicals and GMOs.

“All food products sold in Regina must meet all food standards,” the spokesperson said.’

You can’t put a price on safety’Regina city council member Bill Daley said the health inspector’s notice had prompted him to question his company’s operations.

“You can only put a value on safety,” Mr Daley told the TV program Q&A.

“There are regulations about it, but they’re so vague that it’s a nightmare,” he said.

He said the restaurant had not yet come to terms with the health order.

“They’ve asked me to look into it,” he added.


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