Mario Kart 8 update coming to Wii U, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, says Mario creator

Mario Kart has long been one of the most successful and innovative gaming franchises of all time, but it’s not the only one.

There are plenty of Mario Kart games on Wii U and Switch, and now it’s time to see what Nintendo and Mario creator Keiji Inafune have in store for the future.

The Wii U Mario Kart series has seen several updates since its launch back in 2007.

Mario Kart 64 was one of these, but the sequel was released a year later and featured many of the same mechanics.

In the last two years, the series has received several more updates to bring us the new Mario Kart 9, which has seen Mario Kart 10 and a host of updates to the Wii U version of the series.

The game has also seen some minor updates over the years.

The Wii U release of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash featured new stages and a new track design.

Mario Tennis Open 3D was also announced for the Nintendo Switch last year, and it has also received some major improvements since then.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit will finally see a release on Nintendo Switch on March 11, 2019.

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